Vision and Mission

Vision and Mission

Our Vision

The vision of any institution is drawn from the purpose of education. The school commits to achieve large educational goals, keeping student - learning at its core. Hence the foremost responsibility upon the institution is to build vision which:-

Connects to the mission of the school.

Facilitates the people associated with the institutional goals.

Readiness for any kind of adaptation according to the need.

Vanasthali Public School is totally committed to impart education to students which aims at setting a direction for educational growth of the students combined with extracurricular activities leading to the holistic growth of the children studying in the school.

We aim to create young mind that are academically well-equipped, emotionally stable and socially sensitive.

Our Mission

We aim to provide complete education of body and mind. We stress academic excellence and ensure character building and inculcating good values in children. We believe in imparting education that provides relevant, meaningful and diverse learning opportunities which support students in their aspirations, encourage them to fortify their innate strengths and spur them to productively engage with the community. This will allow them to be critically aware of the social realities and develop within themselves a concern for justice and love for Mankind..

Our Goals

Vanasthali Public School strives to provide good quality education. The objective of the school also includes its Endeavour to contribute to educational thinking and innovative approaches.We strive to foster a school environment that is safe and which acknowledges individual differences; educates young minds to recognize their potential and set a high benchmark for themselves. It provides a platform where 21st-century skills of critical thinking, leadership and effective communication are the hallmarks of the learning process.

Our Values

Values are principles that guide behaviour and value. Education plays a major part in a student's life. Respect, determination, resilience, and tolerance are some of the values taught to our students to make them succeed in their lives. These values will shape the future of our students and add purpose to their life. The traditions and accessibility of the students to a broad curriculum add depth to each student's lives. The school upholds the founder's commitment to achieve excellence in all fields.