Rules and Regulations

Vanasthali Public School, Vaishali GZB

The school prides itself for its high standards of discipline and code of conduct.

All students are expected to conform to its code for personal hygiene, turnout, punctuality, conduct, discipline, obedience, sense of responsibility, attitude towards academics etc.

In enforcing these norms and discipline, the school looks forward to full co-operation and support from the parents/guardians to ensure a healthy and all round growth of their wards, taking full advantage of opportunities and facilities here; and to enable the school, its system and programmes to run efficiently.

If a student contravenes the normal code of expectations, rules or regulations in this respect, he/she can incur warning and punishment.

The students should be regular and punctual.

They should reach school at least 5 minutes before the assembly bell.

Student’s diary and books must be brought to school every day according to the time table.

Children should come in proper school uniform and must wear their identity card.

Mobile phones and other electronic gadgets are strictly prohibited in the school premises.

Students can come on motorbikes and scooters only if they have a license. They must use helmets which is mandatory.

Students must bring proper, healthy and nutritious food. Jewellery, valuable articles and heavy cash is not permitted.

Students must pay attention to personal hygiene.

Use of abusive language, agressive behaviour, shouting and bullying is not allowed.

The students shall be neatly and tidily dressed in the prescribed uniform.

Students are expected to be courteous, polite, well mannered, honest, truthful, respectful and obedient toward the teachers, all elders and visitors.

If any student finds any article belonging to someone else, he/she shall deposit it in the office instantly.

Students shall carry out all the instructions and orders given by the teachers and school incharge.

Students shall participate in all school activities in order to avail of all opportunities of personality development offered by the school.

Students shall be expected to be friendly with fellow students in the class and maintain harmonious relationship with them.

Students shall maintain a cultural unity among diversity, both within and outside the school premises.

Students are strictly not allowed to come in casual dresses on PTM or any other day. except only on occasions when they are asked to come.

They must come in school uniform.

Guidelines for the Parents.

Parents must see that their ward reads the text thoroughly.

Parents must check the diary of the child regularly and pay attention to remarks, if any.

Parents must also see that their ward reads good magazines & books during holidays. Moreover, they must be encouraged to consult dictionary whenever needed.

If there is any suggestion about your ward, you are advised to see the Principal.

Parents must send the child in well dressed uniform as prescribed for summer and winter season.

Parents must send a leave note if the child is not attending the school.

Parents must also take active part in the co-curricular activities of the school related to their ward.

Parents must check the academic reports of their ward regularly in order to ensure better performance.

Parents are requested to co-operate with the Principal and Staff to ensure effective functioning of the school and well being of their wards.