Middle Wing

Vanasthali Public School Vaishali GZB

While maintaining strong focus on academic excellence,the school prepares students for the future through an emphasis on technology, extra curricular activities & multifarious exposure leading to holistic development,Whileplanning and executing the curriculum the focus is upon:

• Innovativeness.

• Interactive Methodology.

• Inculcating Confidence.

• Building Confidence.

• Life skill Programs.

Middle Wing

As the children get older, they’ll be expected to learn more, and to a deeper level.Every lesson that they learn should be interesting, exciting and resonant to them. As we , achieve that, we will give them a lifelong appetite for learning, which will make them more adaptable, inspired and curious.

In the Middle School (Classes VI-VIII), we practice Integrated Learning, which focuses on creativity and enables students to integrate their learning in all spheres of life. The co-scholastic curriculum is interwoven into the academic disciplines. For example, students learn to debate, write scripts and recite texts as part of language learning; understand Chemistry through applying it in the kitchen; use Math in daily life; and outline their rights and duties to understand Social Science. This is complemented by our emphasis on multiple intelligences, where our lesson planning caters to different strengths and learning styles.

This happens through:

• A well-rounded curriculum

• Engaging them in field trips

• A wide range of co-curricular experiences

• We also make sure that each student gets the unique support they need. That might be:

• Language support for English language learners

• Learning support for students with mild to moderate learning challenges