History and Milestones

History and Milestones

History and Milestones

Vanasthali Public School, Vaishali Ghaziabad. (Recognized)started functioning from 1stApril 2003, to impart quality education .The school always encourages the talented students to excel in various fields. Our school teams of Martial Art, Skating, yoga and other sports activities have shown their skills . Vanasthali Public School follows the motto of ‘Live And Let Live ’ with the ambition to represent itself as not an ordinary institution but an extraordinary place of learning. It targets in creating the ‘beyond ordinary’ individuals who go way beyond the everyday, challenging perceptions and explode the stereotypes.

“A School is a building with diverse rules

Some are noticed while few duels.

Thousands memories, a building carries

Each pupil’s experience is varies.”

It intended towards the harmonious development of the intellectual’s physical, emotional, spiritual, social, moral and aesthetical sides and proved to be pretty successful in the past.

The school follows the aim that ‘one who has true knowledge cannot be other than virtuous’ and maintains the real spirit of education.