Vanasthali Public School Vaishali GZB

The day at any school begins with a morning school assembly. All students assemble at the ground and begin their day with a prayer. This is followed by the morning exercise, news reading, thought of the day, speech, etc. The flow of an assembly program is usually planned by school authorities and can vary from one school to another. Morning assembly is a very important part of school culture. It helps to strengthen the way a school works. It also helps students to gather a lot of energy to do well and be good in their day. The program of the assemblies has the potential to nurture and maintain a positive, healthy school culture that binds everyone together. It also helps students from different classes to interact with each other and bridges the gaps of seniority-juniority between them. The assemblies by thebest CBSE schools in Odisha are generally well planned and carefully conducted, putting a lot of light on various aspects of school activities and culture.

They make sure that the goals and objectives of morning assembly are not taken for granted and all efforts are made to meet those objectives. Yes, school assembly is not just a clichéd activity that came from nowhere and became a part of school culture. It has some objectives that are beneficial for both students and teachers.

Here we enlist the main objectives of the school assembly:

1. To develop unity among all the students and teachers and creating an environment of school unity.

2. To connect with your true self and god through Morning Prayer.

3. To impart discipline in the lifestyle of students.

4. To develop in students about the sense of identity in the school and encourage school spirit.

5. To share information, inform the students about daily activities and programs more clearly, and make important announcements.

6. To ensure cleanliness and personal hygiene.

7. To motivate the students with appreciation, rewards, and accolades on performing well in academics and curricular activities.

8. To motivate expression and overcome self-consciousness.

9. To develop an aesthetic sense.

10. To give an insight into experiential moments with anecdotes and stories and co-curricular activities.

11. To introduce physical exercises into the lifestyle of students.

12. To develop a spirit of patriotism

13. To provide a solemn occasion

14. To inculcate public speaking skills.

15. To cultivate self-confidence and motivation in students.

16. To develop correct audience habits.