Vanasthali Public School Vaishali GZB

Education for Life, Excellence in Education and Commitment to a meaningful Education are prime considerations. Quality education is provided to each and every child. VPS believes that love for education should be developed amongst children in formative years and conditions should be created for them to pursue a positive approach to life.

A uni-directional teaching method is being increasingly substituted by a multidirectional group oriented method. Here, the teacher becomes the group coordinator for initiating work, nurturing students without the phobia of examinations and homework.

Development of oral and written expression is emphasized upon. Home assignments are not a carry-over of class work but oriented towards having individual talents.


Vanasthali Public School,is a prestigious co-educational insitute located in Vaishali, Ghaziabaad established in the year 2003.


“Learning gives creativity, creativity leads to thinking,
thinking provides knowledge and knowledge makes you great.”

The School curriculum focuses on:
Helping students ‘learn how to learn’
Developing effective work habits.
Developing self-confidence.
Developing conceptual understanding.
Building background knowledge.

As students transition from childhood through adolescence, School offers a caring, safe and supportive environment in which students can thrive on change, prepare for high school, and establish good habits of mind for lifelong learning.

“Every student can learn. Just not on the same day or in the same way.”

The school is committed to create a caring and safe atmosphere which promotes emotional, social and academic development. Our classroom programmes offer opportunities to children in engaging in a range of cultural, sporting activities. The teachers adopt new ways to teach. Concepts are cleared with the use of analogies, models, graphics and modules. Students are encouraged to talk about, describe, explain and elaborate what they learn through a holistic approach.

“Let us make a future now, and let us make, our dreams tomorrow’s reality.”

The school provides such an environment of learning through discipline.

Awards and Honors

The students excelling in academic as well as extra-curricular activities are recognized & facilitated with awards & certificates. Regular Award Ceremonies are conducted, where each student is recognized for his skill and potential in scholastic as well as co-scholastic activity. It helps in boosting the morales of the children.